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Edema/Swelling Therapy



HIVAMAT Therapy has been successfully used to treat Edema/Pain/Selling for over 20 years. The reason why you have never heard of it and it is not in every clinic in the country is because it is a manually intensive device. Meaning it is “one on one” therapy. The vast majority of medical devices are a “set it and forget type” – meaning they are unattended. Labor intensive devices are not that common in traditional healthcare.

Our Philosophy in treating patients is an Inside out Approach.

The vast majority of Edema treatments are an outside in Approach – meaning you are applying something to the outside of the Tissue expecting inside fluid movement. The way it works, HIVAMAT Therapy is actually an inside out therapy device. It was initially designed to treat Lymphedema Patients. Patients with a failed Lymphatic system. Patients with no fluid movement at all. Lymphedema is actually the gold standard to determine whether or not a device works for fluid movement. If it works on a Lymphedema patient it will work on anyone.

The Human Body has been healing itself for as long as humans have been on the Planet.

Unfortunately, as we age or develop conditions like Diabetes this prevents the body’s natural healing process taking place.

Think of the human body’s healing system as a smooth flowing stream making its way down a side of a hill. Now think of what happens to that smooth flowing stream, when a beaver dam blocks the flow. With the obstruction, the stream backs up, water starts to fester and breed bacteria and the downstream water flow dwindles and parts of the down stream’s eco system slowly begins to die off without the necessary oxygen and nutrients from the free flowing water. This is almost the same process as what happens with various kinds of Edema/Swelling which blocks the free flow of Lymph fluid in the human body.

Lymph Fluid Obstructions caused from Diabetes, Bacterial and Viral Infections, Autoimmune Conditions and General Trauma can all lead to the gradual reduction in Oxygen and Nutrients needed to keep nerve endings staying healthy or diabetic wounds from healing. And much like the stream that gets blocked from the beaver dam and the furthest parts downstream from the water source starve and die off first, due to lack of necessary Oxygen and Nutrients. The same is so with human body. The lack of fluid movement can lead to or exasperate Peripheral Neuropathy and diabetic ulcers.

HIVAMAT Therapy is to localized and systemic obstructions as dynamite is to beaver dams.

Localized fluid can build up in the hands and feet applying pressure on the nerve endings and block the flow of Nutrients and Oxygen causing the nerve endings to wither and cause the pain, tingling and stabbing feelings associated with Neuropathy. Excess fluid builds up around wounds and can easily prevent them from closing and can cause wounds to stay open for months without healing.

HIVAMAT Therapy treatments Chemically breakdown Proteins, Acids and Alkilnes that forms metabolic wastes the prevent fluid from flowing freely in your lymphatic system. At the same time HIVAMAT Therapy is breaking down Metabolic waste it is also pulling the muscle and tissue up towards the surface and then repelling the tissue backwards. This undulating effect physically forces the fluid out of your interstitial tissue and back in your lymphatic system. As you move the excess fluid away from Nerve Endings or wounds this relieves the pressure; reducing the pain and also allows for proper circulation enabling Oxygen and Nutrients to feed the Nerve Endings, close wounds and enable the body to heal itself.

The treatment itself is very, very enjoyable. With effects that are typically seen after only 1 treatment. The technology has been around for 20 years and is safe to go over the Eyes and Heart with no negative effects.

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Diabetes Improvements Reported
“Schull Institute – Insulin Infusion Therapy on Diabetic Complications (2015)
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